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In the current market, we, as recruiters, may be able to guide you, but few companies are enlisting the assistance of recruiters to assist with their entry-level hiring needs.

We have some tips for entry-level students, and would be happy to assist you in your search to the best of our abilities.

We recommend that you have 2 exams before you start your entry-level search (1 exam is fine for applying for internships). The ideal candidate for employers of entry-level candidates will have at least 2 exams, some internship experience, and strong computer skills including Excel and Access. VBA and SQL and / or SAS are highly desirable.

Our firm runs a group on LinkedIn called The Entry-Level Actuary. We recommend that you join it. The group manager posts publicly-listed entry-level Actuarial roles, and noteworthy industry information is posted on the discussion forum (Scholarships, Industry meetings, etc.) as well as discussions started by individual members of the group. On the rare occasion our firm is enlisted by a client to source an entry-level position, we will contact the candidates we feel are best suited for the role, and will also post it on The Entry-Level Actuary so interested candidates can contact us to discuss being considered for the role.

We understand this is a very important time in your career, and are interested in supporting you in that endeavor to the best of our abilities!

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