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Very pleased with my experience working with Eliana. She took the time to understand my background and goals, and identified relevant opportunities that would serve as a “next step” in my career progression. All communications were managed professionally and very punctually. Would recommend without hesitation!

Casualty Actuary

Bailey was incredibly professional and attentive throughout the entire recruiting process. She presented to me exciting opportunities according to my career aspirations and diligently kept in touch during the entire process. I highly recommend Bailey for your next job search.

Consulting Actuary

Bailey did an excellent job throughout the entire recruiting process. Contrary to other recruiters I’ve worked with, it was apparent that Bailey actually cared about my career and genuinely wanted to help me succeed. Additionally, she was extremely on top of managing her time, and I knew I found out information the minute she received it. I would highly recommend Bailey to any of my colleagues.

Casualty Actuary

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.

Casualty Actuary, Property and Casualty Insurance Company

I highly recommend Sally and her professional recruitment services. She is an honest and forthright professional in her own right and does an excellent job matching company needs to a professional’s desires.

Besides being a reliable source of information and an extraordinary ambassador for both the company trying to recruit talent or the individual looking for a new opportunity, the most important quality that Sally displays is Integrity. Sally can be depended upon to make a good match between employer and employee. I personally have known Sally to recommend NOT accepting a position that was offered as she did not think it was a good fit for me and my career goals. Sally took this action despite the fact that would cost her recruiting fees. For this reason, I know that I can always depend on Sally to work in the best interest of both the company recruiting talent as well as the professional seeking new opportunity. I believe this quality is truly rare in the world of professional recruitment and is extremely beneficial in the long run for her clients.

This letter is my personal recommendation for Sally Ezra. I have known Sally for over 15 years. During this time, I found her to be diligent in following through on commitments and relentless in pursuing opportunities or candidates on behalf of those she represents.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having been a client of Sally’s both as a prospective employer as well as a professional seeking a new career opportunity. I can say, without hesitation, that she has exceeded my expectations in all the situations that we have worked together. She doesn’t view the hiring process as being a sporting event (“winning at all costs”); instead, she knows that looking for a good match should be a “win-win” proposition. Again, from both perspectives (employer and employee), her efforts have consistently paid off for me in durable beneficial relationships.

Chief Actuary, Consulting Firm

Early in my career, the company I worked for was running into financial difficulties. I asked several actuaries who they would recommend as a recruiter, and they suggested talking to Sally Ezra. Through the years, I have worked with Sally in looking for employment opportunities and hiring additional actuarial staff. I am impressed with Sally’s level of professionalism and her patience in finding the correct match between the actuary and the employer. Sally sees the bigger picture and as an actuary, that trait is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Sally if you are seeking further career development or adding actuarial talent.

Casualty Actuary

Our total time from search selection to hire date for a Chief Actuary was 3.5 months, an absolute record for us. Sally provided an excellent value; a very personable interactive experience and she represented my company to the actuarial community very well. I would highly recommend Sally Ezra for any high-level actuarial search need.

Executive VP, Human Resources, Health Insurer

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