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Liana Axley

Liana Axley, Actuarial Recruiter:

Dedicated professional with more than 10 years of experience distinguished by commended performance and proven results. Extensive background in recruitment and retention, financial operations, motivational leadership, analytical and problem solving skills, training and development, and creativity and innovation. Liana can be reached at liana@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4748.

Bailey Collins

Bailey Collins, Actuarial Recruiter:

Bailey is an energetic and detail-oriented recruiter, who goes the extra mile to understand what both her candidates and clients seek in their job search. Reach Bailey at bailey@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4747.

James Crigler

James Crigler, Data Entry Analyst

Alden di Sabato

Alden di Sabato, Actuarial Recruiter:

Alden takes a straightforward, yet conscientious, approach to recruiting. He has a deep interest in emerging technology and consistently ensures that clients and candidates have the best possible resources available to them, when making crucial decisions for their company or career. Alden can be reached at alden@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4751.

Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott, Director:

Kevin has a proven business development, sales and leadership background in finance and technology. He can be reached at kevin@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4753.

Sally Ezra

Sally Ezra, Partner:

Sally has spent over two decades recruiting actuaries. She has developed strong professional relationships and a vast network of clientele. They value her commitment, resourcefulness, her personal attention, and her high level of professional ethics. Sally can be reached at sally@ezrapenland.com.

Robert Hennecy

Robert Hennecy

Robert can be reached at robert@ezrapenland.com.

Bridget Janso

Bridget Janso, Assistant Actuarial Recruiter

Bridget can be reached at bridget@ezrapenland.com.

Matthew Opitz

Matthew Opitz, Actuarial Recruiter:

Matthew is an outgoing and positive recruiter that seeks to develop a lasting rapport with companies and candidates alike. His background in the arts and his love of travel has taken him all over the US as well as the world. He prides himself on making sure all parties involved are happy with the outcome of any placement or job search. Contact Matthew at matthew@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4738.

Daniel Paredes

Daniel Paredes, Data Entry Analyst

Claude Penland

Claude Penland, ACAS, MAAA, Partner:

Claude is an Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He has over twenty years of experience as a casualty actuary and as a web strategist for actuarial recruitment organizations. His email address is claude@ezrapenland.com.

Jacob Rubinstein

Jacob Rubinstein, Data Entry Analyst

Lauren Scalzo

Lauren Scalzo, Manager:

Lauren has significant recruitment experience in both the North American and Japanese markets. She understands the needs of her clients, and the motivations and interests in candidates, and energetically and smartly works to fill the needs of both. Reach Lauren at lauren@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4717.

Stefan Vallentine

Stefan Vallentine, Actuarial Recruiter:

Stefan is an optimistic and outgoing recruiter who enjoys working closely with people. He takes great pride in providing outstanding service and works hard to understand the needs and requirements of everyone he works with in order to achieve the best possible results. Reach Stefan at stefan@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4752.

Diane Vanik

Diane Vanik, Office Manager:

Diane has extensive experience in office administration and operations. She consistently works to maintain strong support for Ezra Penland’s recruiting team as well as our clients and candidates. You can reach Diane at diane@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4750.

Eric Weissman

Eric Weissman, Actuarial Recruiter:

Eric can be reached at eric@ezrapenland.com.

Interested in joining the Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment team? Send your resume to claude@ezrapenland.com or sally@ezrapenland.com.

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