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Pamela Brumit

Pamela Brumit, Actuarial Recruiter:

Ms. Brumit brings with her leadership skills as well as a strong background in business marketing and management. She has an excellent capacity for research and for managing client and candidate myriad demands. Contact her at pamela@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4751.

Tom Clohisy

Tom Clohisy, Actuarial Recruiter:

Tom has executive recruiting experience, as well as recruitment business development skills. He was also a successful commodities trader for a number of years, after having earned an MBA from Loyola University and a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. Contact Tom at tom@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4771.

Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott, Actuarial Recruiter:

Kevin has a proven business development, sales and leadership background in finance and technology. He can be reached at kevin@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4753.

Sally Ezra

Sally Ezra, Partner:

Sally has spent nearly two decades recruiting actuaries. She has developed strong professional relationships and a vast network of clientele. They value her commitment, resourcefulness, her personal attention, and her high level of professional ethics. Sally can be reached at sally@ezrapenland.com.

Alyssa Girdwain

Alyssa Girdwain, Data Entry Analyst

Alycia Holmes

Alycia Holmes, Data Entry Analyst

Stephanie Lazar

Stephanie Lazar, Actuarial Recruiter:

Contact Stephanie at stephanie@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4754.

Nicklaus Lynch

Nicklaus Lynch, Data Entry Analyst

Yvonne McArdle

Yvonne McArdle, Office Manager:

Yvonne has had an impressive career juggling myriad managerial responsibilities. These have included handling daily operations in customer support, sales, marketing and accounting. Yvonne can be reached at yvonne@ezrapenland.com.

Maia McBurney

Maia McBurney, Data Entry Analyst

Brendan McElhaney

Brendan McElhaney, Actuarial Recruiter:

Brendan is a very energetic and thorough recruiter. He understands the importance of finding the best fits for both his clients and candidates, and always strives to achieve that goal. Contact Brendan at brendan@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4716.

Matthew Opitz

Matthew Opitz, Assistant Actuarial Recruiter:

Contact Matthew at matthew@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4738.

Margi Patel

Margi Patel, Actuarial Recruiter:

Contact Margi at margi@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4752.

Claude Penland

Claude Penland, ACAS, MAAA, Partner:

Claude is an Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He has over twenty years of experience as a casualty actuary and as a web strategist for actuarial recruitment organizations. His email address is claude@ezrapenland.com.

Lauren Scalzo

Lauren Scalzo, Actuarial Recruiter:

Lauren has significant recruitment experience in both the North American and Japanese markets. She understands the needs of her clients, and the motivations and interests in candidates, and energetically and smartly works to fill the needs of both. Reach Lauren at lauren@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4717.

Jennifer Weinberg

Jennifer Weinberg, Actuarial Recruiter:

Contact Jennifer at jennifer@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4748.

Interested in joining the Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment team? Send your resume to claude@ezrapenland.com or sally@ezrapenland.com.

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