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    Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment was established by Sally Ezra and Claude Penland, ACAS, MAAA, partners with over 40 years of combined industry experience. Our rapidly growing actuarial recruiting team works with all jobs levels of actuaries and actuarial analysts, catastrophe risk modelers, predictive modelers, as well as up through executive roles. All fees are paid by our client companies. Below is a small sampling of the actuarial jobs we are working on.

    Fill in and check the boxes in the actuary jobs form below, or email us at actuaries@EzraPenland.com or call our recruiters at (800) 580-3972.

    Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment – March 21, 2018
    Highlighted Casualty, Life, Health and Pension Roles
    CASUALTY – 79610 – Massachusetts – Actuarial Analyst

    Massachusetts insurance company plans to hire a property and casualty pricing actuarial analyst. Requires 2+ years of property and casualty actuarial experience, and 3 to 6 actuarial examinations passed. R or SAS or EMBLEM software expertise ideal.

    CASUALTY – 79965 – Washington, D.C. – WC Actuary

    Washington, D.C. client plans to hire a Workers Compensation Actuary and Analytics Leader. Require at 10+ years of insurance and actuarial experience, including some Workers Compensation experience. FCAS or ACAS or near-ACAS or M.S. or Ph.D. preferred.

    CASUALTY – 80068 – New Jersey – Senior Vice President

    New Jersey insurer has asked Ezra Penland to find a Senior Vice President and Actuary. This is a high-level reserving opportunity for an FCAS with 15+ years of experience. Manage staff. Requires several years of commercial lines reserving experience, as well as management experience.

    CASUALTY – 80150 – Colorado – Actuarial Analyst

    Denver, Colorado client plans to hire a property and casualty actuarial analyst. Requires at least two years of experience with data reporting. Create actuarial modeling datasets, financial reports, visualizations and work as a team. Python, Hadoop, Spark, SQL, SAS and R programming skills ideal.

    CASUALTY – 79890 – Illinois – Data Scientist

    A property and casualty insurance Data Scientist is immediately sought by a Chicago insurer. Ph.D. or M.S. or Fellow (FCAS) or Associate (ACAS) of the Casualty Actuarial Society sought. Requires at least 5 years of data analytics experience, including some property and casualty insurance predictive modeling. R/SAS and Python programming skills are a definite plus.

    CASUALTY – 80263 – Massachusetts – Casualty Actuary

    ACAS or near-ACAS with 3 to 6 years of property and casualty actuarial experience is sought by a Massachusetts insurer.

    CASUALTY – 80142 – Ohio – Actuarial Associate

    Near-ACAS or ACAS with 5 or more years of property and casualty actuarial experience sought by Cincinnati, Ohio employer. Actuarial modeling, risk management assignments, capital modeling, portfolio analysis and special projects. Client prefers some experience with risk management or modeling or reinsurance.

    CASUALTY – 80143 – Connecticut – Associate Actuary

    Associate property and casualty insurance actuary is immediately needed in Hartford, Connecticut. ACAS or near-ACAS with 5+ years of property and casualty actuarial experience preferred. Some reinsurance or risk management experience is a plus. Work on capital modeling, portfolio analysis, risk management presentations, modeling, scenario analysis and other assignments.

    CASUALTY – 80030 – New York – Casualty Actuary

    Prominent modeling firm seeks a client-facing casualty actuary with technical skills in New York. FCAS or ACAS credentials required. Ideal candidates will have 4 to 8 years of experience. Experience with a reinsurance brokerage, or working closely with underwriters, or actuarial consulting, or other client-facing work is a definite plus.

    CASUALTY – 78103 – Canada – Data Scientist

    Property and Casualty Insurance Data Scientist at the Ph.D. or M.S. level sought to work closely with actuaries in Canada.

    CASUALTY – 80010 – Florida – Product Manager

    Florida insurer seeks a Personal Lines Product Manager.

    CASUALTY – 80151 – New York – Actuarial Analyst

    Nationally-recognized commercial lines insurer plans to hire a senior actuarial analyst in New York. Requires at least three years of commercial lines actuarial experience. Financial analysis, risk modeling, projections and other actuarial projects. Compensation range of $75K to $95K.

    CASUALTY – 79554 – Texas – Pricing/Modeling

    Pricing and capital modeling opportunity. WC and professional liability experience is a definite plus. FCAS or ACAS. Reports to Chief Actuary.

    CASUALTY – 79640 – USA – Predictive Modeling Expert

    US insurance company seeks a property and casualty actuary. Compensation up to $225K. FCAS or ACAS with deep predictive modeling experience and management experience sought. Commercial lines modeling experience required.

    CASUALTY – 79334 – Texas – Underwriting Director

    Insurer seeks a Homeowners Underwriting Director. Underwriting and actuarial experience ideal. CPCU or ACAS or FCAS a plus. Reports to CEO. Base salary up to $180K, plus 20% bonus.

    CASUALTY – 78999 – Southeast USA – ACAS/FCAS

    Southeast USA insurer has asked Ezra Penland to find a property and casualty actuary. This FCAS or ACAS should have 7 to 16 years of experience. Some travel. Reserve analysis, financial reporting, management reporting, financial modeling, insurance forecasting and other assignments.

    CASUALTY – 79161 – Texas – Product Manager

    Insurer seeks Product Manager with auto product mgmt exp.

    CASUALTY – 78980 – Illinois – Data Scientist

    Chicago client seeks a Ph.D. or M.S.-degree holder for an Insurance Data Scientist role. Requires personal lines insurance data predictive modeling experience.

    CASUALTY – 80317 – New York – Actuarial Analyst

    Upstate New York property and casualty insurer seeks an actuarial analyst.

    CASUALTY – 78291 – New Jersey – Actuarial Analyst

    New Jersey client has asked Ezra Penland to find a senior property and casualty actuarial analyst. Requires 5+ years of property and casualty actuarial experience. $90K-$110K compensation package. Some workers compensation experience preferred. Predictive modeling, data analytics, pricing, reporting, premium studies and other assignments.

    CASUALTY – 79279 – California – Consulting Actuary

    FCAS with Homeowners Pricing experience sought.

    CASUALTY – 79965X – Colorado – Commercial Actuary

    Commercial lines insurance company plans to hire a Commercial Lines Actuary. FCAS or ACAS preferred. Salary up to $200K, plus additional compensation considerations. Some workers compensation actuarial experience required.

    CASUALTY – 78050 – Georgia – Actuarial Analyst

    Atlanta insurer has asked Ezra Penland to find an experienced property and casualty actuarial analyst. Requires 3+ years of property and casualty actuarial experience. Must have some pricing experience. Work on ratemaking, competitor analysis and actuarial modeling.

    CASUALTY – 79984 – Florida – Product Manager

    Florida insurer plans to hire an experienced actuarial analyst. Requires auto insurance experience. This is a high-profile opportunity to work on auto product management. Candidates who are looking to stop taking actuarial exams are especially sought.

    CASUALTY – 78752 – California – Actuarial Analyst

    Northern California consulting firm seeks experienced property and casualty actuarial analyst. Programming skills and strong communications skills are ideal.

    CASUALTY – 80197 – Illinois – Consulting Actuary

    Chicago client plans to hire a property and casualty consulting actuary. FCAS or ACAS with 5 to 10 years of property and casualty actuarial experience preferred. This role will involve a significant amount of weekly travel.

    CASUALTY – 80029 – Texas – Senior Analyst

    Dallas organization has an immediate need for a senior property and casualty actuarial analyst. Requires personal lines experience, as well as actuarial modeling skills. Must have a good understanding of statistical analysis and actuarial methods. Ideal candidates will have 3 to 7 years of property and casualty actuarial experience. $80K to $100K base salary.

    LIFE – 80128 – Pennsylvania – Consulting Actuary

    Philadelphia consultant seeks FSA with 5 to 10 years of experience.

    LIFE – 79174 – Bermuda – Actuarial Manager

    Bermuda consulting group seeks an Actuarial Manager. Requires 4 to 10 years of life actuarial experience.

    LIFE – 80113 – Illinois – Senior Analyst

    Senior life actuarial analyst is sought with GGY AXIS or Prophet software experience, or annuity hedging expertise, valuation or principle-based reserving knowledge. This position is for a senior life consulting actuarial analyst role in Chicago. Must have at least two years of life actuarial experience.

    LIFE – 79547 – Midwest USA – Valuation Actuary

    FSA sought for valuation actuary role. ALM or pricing experience ideal.

    LIFE – 80119 – Connecticut – ASA Consulting Actuary

    Life Associate Actuary is sought by our Hartford, Connecticut client. Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) with 3 to 9 years of experience preferred. This experience should include annuity risk management, or experience with actuarial software such as Prophet or AXIS, or strong valuation experience. Immediate need at a consulting group.

    LIFE – 80287 – Ohio – Chief Actuary

    Ohio client seeks a Chief Actuary. Life FSA with 16+ years of life and annuity actuarial experience is required. Manage valuation, experience studies, capital modeling, economic scenarios, hedging, product development, pricing, hiring and other areas.

    LIFE – 79616 – Ohio – 2nd VP and Actuary

    Second Vice President and Actuary sought for financial reporting role. FSA required.

    LIFE – 80168 – Missouri – Life Valuation Actuary

    FSA sought by Missouri client. Life valuation actuary role.

    LIFE – 79197 – Illinois – Pricing FSA

    Illinois life insurer has asked Ezra Penland to find a life insurance pricing actuary. FSA needed with a total comp range of $150K to $190K. Manage staff and new product pricing and product development opportunity.

    LIFE – 80448 – Texas – Life Actuary

    Texas insurer plans to hire a life pricing, modeling and financial reporting actuary. FSA or ASA with MG-ALFA and VBA programming skills ideal.

    LIFE – 80122 – New York – Life Consultant

    Life ASA with annuity hedging skills, or Prophet/AXIS experience, or valuation experience, sought by New York life consulting firm.

    LIFE – 79922 – Midwest USA – Actuarial Associate

    Iowa insurer seeks an Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA). Pricing, financial reporting and experience analysis expertise a big plus.

    LIFE – 80221 – Wisconsin – LTC Actuary

    FSA or ASA with long term care insurance experience sought by Wisconsin client.

    LIFE – 79599 – Midwest USA – Modeling Actuary

    Midwest USA insurance company seeks a life and annuity actuary and manager. FSA with MG-ALFA software experience preferred.

    LIFE – 80115 – Illinois – Actuarial Consultant

    Chicago life consulting practice seeks an Actuarial Consultant. ASA or near-FSA sought.

    HEALTH – 79242 – New York – Senior Analyst

    Senior healthcare actuarial analyst sought in Rochester.

    HEALTH – 78700 – California – Consulting Actuary

    ASA or FSA health consulting actuary sought in San Francisco, California. Work on healthcare reform analysis, Medicaid and Medicare pricing, commercial pricing, reserve studies, product design, statistical modeling, financial analysis and management reporting, as well as special projects.

    HEALTH – 78323 – Northeast USA – Health Analytics

    ASA/FSA Consultant with predictive modeling experience sought.

    HEALTH – 78126 – Northeast USA – Stop Loss Actuary

    Northeast USA firm has an immediate need for a health stop loss and reserving actuary. Requires several years of stop loss experience and reserve analysis experience. ASA or FSA.

    HEALTH – 79663 – Michigan – Associate Actuary

    Health associate actuary and analytics director is needed by our Detroit, Michigan client. ASA or FSA with 7+ years of experience sought.

    HEALTH – 78097F – Florida – Near-ASA or ASA

    Near-ASA or ASA with 3 to 9 years of health actuarial experience preferred. Our Jacksonville-area, Florida client seeks an Actuary. Assignments will include research and development, management reporting, data analysis, product development, financial forecasting and business strategy.

    HEALTH – 78812 – Virginia – Associate Actuary

    Associate Actuary at the ASA level with 3 to 8 years of experience sought by our Virginia client.

    HEALTH – 79664 – Southeast USA – Analytics Director

    Health Analytics Director sought by our Southeast USA client.

    HEALTH – 79349 – Wisconsin – Medicare Actuary

    Wisconsin client seeks a Medicare Actuary. ASA or FSA with some Medicare expertise sought. Outstanding communications skills required.

    HEALTH – 79549N – Tennessee – Benefits Analyst

    Tennessee client seeks a health benefits consulting actuarial analyst or ASA actuary. Requires 3+ years of employee benefits consulting experience.

    HEALTH – 79476 – Wisconsin – Health Manager

    Wisconsin client has asked Ezra Penland to find a Health Manager of Actuarial Services. This FSA or ASA will manage staff, perform financial analysis and modeling, pricing, study profitability measures and work on special projects. Requires 5 to 15 years of healthcare actuarial experience, including supervisory experience.

    HEALTH – 78097P – Pennsylvania – Associate Actuary

    ASA to work on product development, data analysis, financial forecasting, management reporting, business strategy and research and development.

    HEALTH – 79665 – Missouri – Analytics Actuary

    Health analytics actuary is needed in St. Louis, Missouri. ASA or FSA up to $140K. Strong understanding of medical analytics is desirable.

    HEALTH – 78698 – New York – Consulting Actuary

    FSA or ASA with 8+ years of health-related actuarial experience required. Our New York client seeks a health provider-side consulting actuary. $145-190K base salary, plus additional bonus.

    HEALTH – 79163M – Wisconsin – Actuarial Consultant

    FSA or ASA with 4 to 8 years of consulting exp. sought.

    HEALTH – 78527 – Illinois – Health Actuary

    Chicago employer is searching for a health actuary. 3 to 8 years of health actuarial experience is required. ASA or FSA preferred. Statistical analysis, financial forecasting, create and maintain actuarial models, pricing and other assignments.

    HEALTH – 78815 – Virginia – FSA

    Virginia client plans to hire a health actuary. Requires Medicaid or Medicare or Commercial insurance experience. FSA with 8 to 15 years of healthcare actuarial experience ideal.

    HEALTH – 79659 – Michigan – Health Manager

    Michigan insurance company seeks a health actuary and manager. Requires at least five years of health actuarial experience, as well as an ASA or near-ASA professional. Compensation range of $90K to $135K.

    HEALTH – 78795 – California – Consultant

    Healthcare consulting actuary is immediately sought by our San Diego-area client. FSA or ASA with 6 to 11 years of consulting experience is sought. Work on health plan design, OPEB valuations, funding studies, client management, peer review and special assignments.

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