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    Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment was established by Sally Ezra and Claude Penland, ACAS, MAAA, partners with over 40 years of combined industry experience. Our rapidly growing actuarial recruiting team works with all jobs levels of actuaries and actuarial analysts, catastrophe risk modelers, predictive modelers, as well as up through executive roles. All fees are paid by our client companies. Below is a small sampling of the actuarial jobs we are working on.

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    Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment – July 25, 2017
    Highlighted Casualty, Life, Health and Pension Roles
    CASUALTY – 76335 – Ohio – Pricing Actuary

    Ohio insurance company seeks a personal lines pricing actuary. FCAS or ACAS sought. Manage staff.

    CASUALTY – 75904 – Southeast USA – Vice President

    FCAS or ACAS Property and Casualty Pricing Actuary and Vice President is immediately needed by a Southeast USA insurer. Requires 10+ years of property and casualty actuarial experience. Manage staff. Requires supervisory experience. Unique, high-profile opportunity for ratemaking, business strategy, data analysis, financial forecasting and reserve studies.

    CASUALTY – 76860 – Northeast USA – Pricing Manager

    Commercial lines pricing actuary and Manager is sought by our Retained Northeast USA client. This is a high-profile pricing, product development, predictive modeling and staff management role. FCAS with 12+ years of property and casualty actuarial experience ideal. Base salary up to $250K, plus potential bonus. Immediate need.

    CASUALTY – 76680 – California – Actuarial Analyst

    California commercial lines insurer seeks experienced property and casualty actuarial analyst.

    CASUALTY – 76705 – Connecticut – Reinsurance Actuary

    Connecticut client has an immediate need for a property and casualty reinsurance pricing actuary. Near-ACAS or ACAS preferred. Large account pricing or reinsurance pricing experience ideal. VBA programming skills required.

    CASUALTY – 76288 – California – Product Analyst

    Property and casualty insurance product analyst sought. Requires property and casualty insurance product analyst experience, or actuarial pricing experience, or insurance predictive modeling experience. Must have at least two years of experience with property and casualty insurance data. Compensation up to $97K.

    CASUALTY – 76480 – New York – Reinsurance Actuary

    New York reinsurer seeks a property and casualty reinsurance pricing actuary. ACAS or FCAS sought to structure and price reinsurance.

    CASUALTY – 76228 – Georgia – ACAS or near-ACAS

    Atlanta insurance company plans to hire an ACAS or near-ACAS property and casualty actuary. Compensation up to $125K. You must be able to think quickly on your feet and be able to speak to senior executives. This is an interesting commercial lines analytical opportunity. Very autonomous role, reports to FCAS.

    CASUALTY – 75758 – Texas – Data Scientist

    Texas client seeks a property and casualty insurance data scientist. R or SAS or Python programming skills required. Must have at least eight years of advanced statistical analysis experience with insurance data. Must have machine learning expertise. Management experience required.

    CASUALTY – 75793 – Midwest USA – FCAS

    Midwest USA insurer plans to hire an FCAS actuary. Requires commercial lines experience. Consulting experience a definite plus. Senior level role for a casualty actuary with 10+ years of experience.

    CASUALTY – 76238 – Michigan – Actuarial Analyst

    Personal lines reserving, capital modeling and management reporting actuarial analyst sought by Michigan insurance company. Requires 1 to 3 years of full-time property and casualty actuarial experience. SAS or Python or R or SQL programming skills ideal.

    CASUALTY – 76265 – Midwest USA – Data Scientist

    Midwest USA insurance company seeks a Personal Lines Data Scientist with 3 to 12 years of experience. Ph.D. or Master’s degree ideal. Requires at least three years of personal lines predictive modeling experience.

    CASUALTY – 75618 – New York – Commercial Analyst

    New York insurance company plans to hire a senior actuarial analyst. Commercial lines pricing opportunity. Compensation up to $100K. Must have at least three years of property and casualty actuarial experience, including some commercial liability ratemaking experience.

    CASUALTY – 74835 – Midwest USA – Statistical Modeler

    Ph.D. or M.S. in Statistics professional is needed as a property and casualty insurance statistical modeler by our Midwest USA client. Compensation up to $120K. SAS or R or Python programming skills required. ust have at least three years of insurance claims data modeling experience.

    CASUALTY – 75872 – Illinois – Pricing Actuary

    Chicago client has asked Ezra Penland to find a property and casualty pricing actuary. ACAS or FCAS with commercial lines pricing experience ideal. Excess Workers Compensation experience a plus but not required.

    CASUALTY – 75815 – Midwest USA – Predictive Modeler

    Insurance company seeks a Ph.D. Insurance Predictive Modeler. Requires property and casualty insurance pricing experience and predictive analytics expertise. Requires at least two years of experience.

    CASUALTY – 76705 – Southeast USA – Associate Actuary

    ACAS or near-ACAS reinsurance actuary is sought by our Southeast USA client. VBA programming skills required. Outstanding communications skills are also a must.

    CASUALTY – 76365 – Connecticut – Actuarial Consultant

    Hartford, Connecticut client plans to hire an actuarial consultant at the ACAS or FCAS level. Requires at least three years of property and casualty actuarial experience. Some consulting experience a plus. Advanced statistical analysis of property and casualty insurance data, financial studies, pricing, reserve analysis, financial projections, claims studies and other assignments.

    CASUALTY – 76342 – Minnesota – Associate Actuary

    Minnesota client has plans to hire an associate property and casualty actuary. ACAS or near-ACAS with commercial property or homeowners ratemaking experience ideal.

    LIFE – 76796 – Pennsylvania – Capital Modeling Actuary

    Philadelphia life insurer plans to hire a capital modeling and risk management actuary. FSA with 10+ years of life actuarial experience required.

    LIFE – 76818 – Southeast USA – Asset Adequacy Actuary

    FSA asset adequacy actuary needed by Southeast USA insurer. Compensation up to $170K.

    LIFE – 77118 – Western USA – Annuity Valuation

    Variable annuity valuation actuary is immediately sought by our Western USA client. This FSA will be expected to sign Actuarial Statements of Opinions. AXIS or Prophet or ALFA software experience ideal.

    LIFE – 76943 – Maryland – Insurance Risk Officer

    Insurer seeks a life insurance risk officer. FSA with 12+ years of life actuarial experience. Requires economic capital and other life and annuity modeling experience. Presentation skills required.

    LIFE – 76919 – North Carolina – SVP and Actuary

    A North Carolina life insurer seeks a Senior Vice President and Actuary. FSA with 18+ years of life actuarial experience ideal. This is a unique life insurance product management leadership role.

    LIFE – 76622 – Nebraska – LTC Actuary

    FSA or ASA long term care insurance actuary is needed by our Nebraska client. Requires 5 to 15 years of actuarial experience. Modeling and valuation opportunity.

    LIFE – 76440 – Ohio – Financial Actuary

    ASA or FSA with 10+ years of life and financial experience sought by Ohio insurer. Interesting financial director role.

    LIFE – 75725 – Southeast USA – Life Near-ASA

    Southeast USA life insurer plans to hire a near-ASA senior life actuarial analyst. Must have two to six years of life actuarial experience. Our client supports actuarial exams and study time.

    LIFE – 75619 – Florida – Pricing Actuary

    Life insurance pricing actuary at the FSA level with direct marketing experience sought by our Florida client. Regulation support, mentor staff, business strategy, profitability analysis, pricing, product development and modeling role.

    LIFE – 76535 – California – Assistant Actuary

    FSA or ASA sought to work on pricing and product development of fixed annuities and variable annuities.

    LIFE – 76074 – California – Director

    A Life FSA with 10+ years of experience is sought for a Director and Pricing Actuary role in California. High profile pricing, product development and actuarial research role.

    LIFE – 76785 – Pennsylvania – FSA

    Philadelphia insurance company plans to hire a life actuary with COLI experience. Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) preferred. Modeling and valuation experience ideal. Management experience a definite plus.

    LIFE – 76773 – Southeast USA – Risk Actuary

    Southeast USA insurer plans to hire a risk management actuary. FSA or ASA with 10+ years of professional experience preferred.

    LIFE – 75530 – Midwest USA – Actuarial Consultant

    FSA with strong individual life insurance background especially sought. Our client is a growing, national life insurance consulting practice.

    LIFE – 75595 – Southeast USA – Associate Actuary

    Life actuary at the ASA level is needed by a Southeast USA insurance company. Three to ten years of experience preferred. Prophet, AXIS, ALFA or MoSes software experience a definite plus.

    LIFE – 76405 – Southeast USA – Annuity Pricing

    Southeast USA insurance company has asked Ezra Penland to find an annuity pricing and product development actuary. FSA with at least three years of annuity pricing experience sought. This is a high profile opportunity to work with a growing organization.

    LIFE – 74694 – Southeast USA – Model Validation

    Actuary sought to work on annuity and long term care model validation. ASA or FSA. Up to $150K.

    LIFE – 76150T – Texas – Fixed Annuities

    Texas insurance company has an immediate need for a fixed index annuities actuary. This ASA or FSA could manage staff. Requires 7 to 15 years of experience. Management reporting, financial analysis, annuity studies, product development and other assignments.

    HEALTH – 75710 – Southeast USA – Actuarial Manager

    Health actuarial manager is immediately sought by a Southeast USA insurer. ASA or FSA with 5 to 12 years of healthcare actuarial experience sought. Reserve analysis and financial forecasting expertise ideal.

    HEALTH – 76797 – Massachusetts – Actuarial Analyst

    Experienced health actuarial analyst is now needed by a Boston insurer. Requires two to seven years of health actuarial experience. SAS or R or SQL programming skills required.

    HEALTH – 76676 – Massachusetts – Health Benefits Actuary

    A health benefits actuary is immediately needed by our Boston client. Requires 8 to 18 years of experience. ASA or FSA sought. Some travel. This actuary will provide actuarial support (plan design, pricing, etc.) to employers who are seeking help when choosing health plans for their employees. Unique opportunity to make a difference within this organization.

    HEALTH – 76232 – Western USA – Director, Services

    Well-respected Western USA health insurer plans to hire a Director of Actuarial Services. Management experience ideal. FSA or near-FSA with 9 to 20 years of health actuarial experience preferred.

    HEALTH – 75694 – Indiana – Health Actuary

    Health actuary at the FSA level is sought by our Indiana client. Experience with Medicaid or Medicare is ideal. Work may include pricing, financial forecasting, product development, contract bids, reserve studies, reporting, financial modeling, business strategy and other work. Mentor staff.

    HEALTH – 76234 – Georgia – Director and Actuary

    Georgia insurer seeks a health actuary due to anticipated business growth. This is an exciting Director of Health Actuarial Services role. FSA or ASA with 12+ years of healthcare actuarial experience preferred. Some Medicaid experience especially sought.

    HEALTH – 75581 – Ohio – Accident and Health

    Ohio insurer has asked Ezra Penland to find an accident and health insurance actuary. FSA or ASA with at least three years of accident and health actuarial experience especially sought. Client will move quickly for exceptional actuaries.

    HEALTH – 77122 – Texas – LTC Actuary

    Long term care insurance financial reporting and valuation actuary is sought by a Texas insurer. FSA with several years of long term care experience required.

    HEALTH – 76575 – New York – FSA

    Growing New York health insurer has asked Ezra Penland to find an actuary. FSA with 4 to 11 years of experience preferred. Pricing, product development, special projects, business strategy, management reporting, trend studies, financial forecasting and actuarial modeling.

    HEALTH – 76510 – New York – Health Benefits

    Health benefits consulting actuary is immediately needed in New York. FSA or ASA with 7 to 21 years of experience preferred. You will work on financial modeling, plan design, reserve analysis, trend studies, data analytics, financial forecasting and other assignments. You will be the first actuary in this office, supporting an entire network, and so will have an opportunity to make this role your own. Ambitious actuaries wanted.

    HEALTH – 76546 – North Carolina – Insurance Actuary

    North Carolina firm needs a health insurance actuary. ASA or FSA with 8 to 16 years of health actuarial experience preferred. Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage pricing experience required.

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