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Sally Ezra

Sally Ezra, Partner

Sally has spent over two decades recruiting actuaries. She has developed strong professional relationships and a vast network of clientele. They value her commitment, resourcefulness, her personal attention, and her high level of professional ethics. Sally can be reached at sally@ezrapenland.com.

Bailey Collins

Bailey Collins, Actuarial Recruiter

Bailey is an energetic and detail-oriented recruiter, who goes the extra mile to understand what both her candidates and clients seek in their job search. Reach Bailey at bailey@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4747.

Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott, Director

Kevin has a proven business development, sales and leadership background in finance and technology. He can be reached at kevin@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4753.

Cecilia Grisolia, Assistant Recruiter

Cece joined Ezra Penland in October 2022. Her experience working with horses coordinating scheduling and customer services gave her the tools to support Sally as part of her team. She can be reached at cecilia@ezrapenland.com or 773-598-4754.

Liz Ritchie

Liz Ritchie, Actuarial Recruiter

Liz listens to candidates and helps them navigate career goals by making thoughtful and pragmatic connections. She uses her background in human resources, management and customer service to build relationships with both candidates and clients. Liz can be reached at liz@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4752.

Richard Hesky, Actuarial Recruiter

Richard Hesky is a dynamic recruiter with a background in communication, customer service, sales, and marketing. He is detail-oriented and strives to build strong relationships with both clients and candidates. Richard can be reached at richard@ezrapenland.com or 773-598-4748.

Lauren Scalzo

Lauren Scalzo, Manager

Lauren has significant recruitment experience in both the North American and Japanese markets. She understands the needs of her clients, and the motivations and interests in candidates, and energetically and smartly works to fill the needs of both. Reach Lauren at lauren@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4717.

Eliana Schechter

Eliana Schechter, Actuarial Recruiter

With a background in recruitment, Eliana works closely with candidates to find the best match in their job search. Reach Eliana at eliana@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4771.

Diane Vanik

Diane Vanik, Office Manager

Diane has extensive experience in office administration and operations. She consistently works to maintain strong support for Ezra Penland’s recruiting team as well as our clients and candidates. You can reach Diane at diane@ezrapenland.com or (773) 598-4750.

Leia Ziomek, Research and Data Coordinator

Leia is a dedicated researcher and leader who supports the recruiting team with her thoroughness and excellent attention to detail. She leads the Ezra Penland Data Team, maintains our website and social media position listings, and conducts market research to keep things running smoothly. Leia can be reached at leia@ezrapenland.com.

Mikayla Anderson

Mikayla Anderson, Data Entry Analyst

Mikayla is a student at DePaul University. She is planning to complete her undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science in 2023. When she isn’t working or going to school, Mikayla loves to do math, travel, and listen to music.

Karolina Dudkowska

Karolina Dudkowska, Data Entry Analyst

Karolina is a Freshman at DePaul University studying Actuarial Science. She enjoys learning math and new languages. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her friends, watching movies and camping. She’s a part of the first ever class of ATLAS Fellows – a program for students who demonstrate exceptional merit and an interest in a career in finance. She’s planning to graduate in June 2025.

Interested in joining the Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment team? Send your resume to claude@ezrapenland.com or sally@ezrapenland.com.

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