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Life and Annuities Actuarial Jobs – May 18, 2022
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96455 – Northeast – Actuarial Associate

Actuarial Associate sought by our Northeast life insurance client. ASA or near-ASA with some programming skills preferred. Must have 3+ years of life actuarial experience.

96678 – Northeast – Life Corporate Actuary

Remote Life Corporate Actuary is immediately needed. ASA/FSA preferred. Must have at least seven years of actuarial experience. Programming skills ideal. Reserve testing, financial planning, modeling, valuation support, capital modeling and other assignments.

92386 – Northeast – Actuarial Analyst

Actuarial Consultant sought in Connecticut. Some travel. Requires 2+ years of life actuarial experience.

95373 – Southeast – Senior Actuarial Analyst

Southeast client plans to hire a life senior actuarial analyst. Experience with life actuarial software ideal. Exam support.

96859 – Midwest – Actuarial Associate

Associate of the Society of Actuaries needed by our Chicago-area client. Must have 4+ years of life actuarial experience. Experience with product development, modeling or financial reporting preferred. Exam support.

95579 – Midwest – FSA – Actuarial Consultant

Actuarial Consultant sought in Chicago. Requires 6+ years of life actuarial experience. FSA-level ideal. Some travel.

95009 – Midwest – Annuity Valuation Actuary

Annuity Valuation Actuary immediate needed by Midwest client. FSA / ASA with at least five years of experience sought.

91763 – Midwest – Life Modeling Actuary

Iowa company has asked Ezra Penland to find a Life Modeling Actuary. ASA/FSA preferred.

96981 – Midwest – Annuity Hedging Actuary

FSA or ASA needed for Annuity Hedging Actuary role in the Midwest. Experience with equity-indexed or variable annuity hedging is a must.

95458 – Midwest – Senior Actuarial Analyst or ASA

Senior Actuarial Analyst or ASA sought by Midwest life insurance company. Valuation opportunity for a professional with at least three years of life actuarial experience.

95573 – Midwest – Actuarial Analyst

Minnesota client plans to hire an experienced life actuarial analyst. Ideal candidates will have at least two years of experience. Exam support.

91130 – Midwest – Senior Life Actuary

Senior Life Actuary at the FSA level with 8 to 15 years of experience sought in Ohio. Data analysis, testing, modeling, financial reporting, risk management and other assignments.

91571 – Midwest – ALM, Life Actuarial Director

ALM, Life Actuarial Director sought by Midwest insurance company. FSA with 10+ years of actuarial experience preferred.

90960 – Midwest – Annuity and Life Design Actuary

Annuity and Life Design Actuary immediately sought by our Midwest client. Insurer seeks an ASA/FSA with 5+ years of actuarial experience. Some indexed annuity experience is ideal.

91643 – West – Life Financial Reporting Actuary

Life financial reporting actuary sought in Texas. ASA/FSA with some financial reporting experience preferred. ALFA software experience a plus.

92248 – West – Annuity Pricing Actuary and Manager

Our US client plans to hire an Annuity Pricing Actuary and Manager. FSA with fixed annuities experience and management skills preferred. Reports to Chief Actuary. Immediate need.

91382 – West – Reporting and Risk Management Actuary

Reporting and Risk Management Actuary sought by Western organization. Remote role. Must be an FSA Financial reporting or model governance experience preferred. Must have at least 10 years of life and annuity actuarial experience.

91614 – West – Life Actuarial Associate

West Coast insurance company plans to hire a Life Actuarial Associate. Ideal candidates will have 2-4 years of life actuarial experience. Python, SAS or R programming skills required.

93699 – West – Modeling and Reporting Actuarial Manager – FSA

Modeling and Reporting Actuarial Manager at the FSA level immediately needed. Ideal candidates will have experience with MCEV, SST, actuarial modeling and people management.

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