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Life and Annuities Actuarial Jobs – February 20 2020
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85590 – Northeast – Annuity Actuary / Pension Risk Transfer

FSA Annuity Actuary sought for pension risk transfer opportunity. Requires 10+ years of actuarial experience. Ideal candidates will have pension risk transfer experience.

87230 – Southeast – Long Term Care Actuary

Long Term Care Actuary sought by Southeast insurance company. Director-level opportunity for an FSA with GGY AXIS software experience. Substantial modeling experience is required.

87871 – Southeast – Life Consulting Actuary

Florida consultancy plans to hire a life consulting actuary. FSA preferred. Work on life, annuities, and combination life/health products. Ideal candidates will have at least ten years of actuarial experience. Consulting experience a big plus but not required.

87046 – Southeast – Life Associate Actuary

Life Associate Actuary immediately sought by growing Southeast insurance company. ASA with pricing and IFRS expertise preferred. Must have AXIS software experience.

86665 – Southeast – Financial Modeling Actuary

FSA with 10+ years of actuarial experience sought by Southeast insurer. GGY AXIS modeling skills are required. A strong understanding of financial reporting is needed as well.

87685 – Southeast – Life Assistant Actuary

Southeast firm plans to hire a Life Assistant Actuary. ASA / FSA with Solvency II / Economic Capital expertise preferred.

87047 – Southeast – Life Actuary – FSA

Florida insurer has asked Ezra Penland to find a Life Actuary at the FSA level. Pricing and financial reporting experience ideal. AXIS software experience preferred. Immediate need.

87612 – Midwest – Senior Actuarial Analyst

Senior Actuarial Analyst sought by Midwest life and annuity consulting organization. Must have 3+ years of actuarial experience. Experience with annuities a big plus.

87983 – Midwest – Long Term Care Actuary

Long term care actuary is immediately sought by a Nebraska insurance company. FSA with long term care experience and soft skills preferred.

87617 – Midwest – Enterprise Risk Management Actuary

Midwest insurance company plans to hire an Enterprise Risk Management Actuary. FSA with deferred annuity experience preferred.

87686 – Midwest – Vice President

FSA / ASA Vice President and Life Actuary sought in Iowa. Must have 15+ years of financial reporting experience.

87271 – Midwest – Annuity Pricing Actuary

Ohio insurer plans to hire an Annuity Pricing Actuary. FSA with 8+ years of actuarial experience preferred. Immediate need.

87207 – Midwest – Senior Actuarial Analyst

Senior Annuity Actuarial Analyst sought in Ohio. Requires 3-7 years of actuarial experience. Must have some experience with annuities. Unique modeling opportunity.

86627 – Midwest – Life Actuary – Data Analytics

Life Actuary-Data Analytics is needed by a Midwest insurer. This FSA will create and maintain life experience studies, and be very comfortable managing data and working closely with insurance professionals.

86625 – Midwest – Life Insurance and Modeling Actuary

Life Insurance and Modeling Actuary is immediately sought in Iowa. Total compensation range of approximately $170K-200K. FSA with 12+ years of life actuarial experience preferred. Requires experience with modeling software. C++ and Visual Basic programming skills are a plus.

87630 – Midwest – Long Term Care Actuary

FSA with long term care pricing and product development experience is immediately sought by our Midwest client. Creative, knowledgeable and skilled actuaries wanted. Leadership experience preferred.

86638 – Midwest – Vice President and Life Actuary

Vice President and Life Actuary is immediately needed by a Midwest insurance company. Reports to Chief Actuary. Total compensation range of approximately $250K-$300K. This FSA will oversee management and profitability studies of the current life insurance business. Requires at least five years of management experience.

86952 – Midwest – Life Valuation Actuary

FSA/ASA life valuation actuary is immediately sought by our Nebraska client. Reports to Senior Director. 6-10 years of experience ideal. Experience with MG-ALFA software preferred. Room to grow in this role to work on ALM, cash flow testing or modeling.

87153 – Midwest – Group Long Term Disability Actuary

Group Long Term Disability Actuary immediately sought by Midwest insurer. FSA/ASA sought for pricing, product development, valuation and profitability analysis opportunity. Requires management reporting and financial reporting experience.

87344 – Midwest – Fixed Annuities Actuary

Fixed Annuity Actuary sought in Iowa. FSA / ASA with product development and pricing experience preferred. MG-ALFA modeling software experience ideal.

87323 – Midwest – Appointed Actuary

Midwest insurer plans to hire an Appointed Actuary. This FSA will manage a staff of 10-15. Requires strong valuation experience, management skills and business maturity.

86333 – West – AVP FSA

Assistant Vice President Life Actuary needed. FSA preferred. Requires 10+ years of life actuarial experience. ERM opportunity.

86883 – West – Life Consulting Actuary

Life Consulting Actuary sought by Southwest client. FSA needed to work on product development (life, annuities, group, accident and health), pricing, risk-based capital, reinsurance studies, regulatory support, financial reporting and other assignments.

87196 – West – Life Near-ASA / ASA

Life near-ASA or ASA Actuary with MG-ALFA modeling experience sought in Texas. $100K-$130K total compensation package. Must have three years of life actuarial experience. Immediate need.

86608 – West – Annuity Product Development Actuary and AVP

Annuity product development actuary and Assistant Vice President sought in California. FSA with 13+ years of actuarial experience needed. Annuity product development and strategy opportunity for an ambitious actuary.

86445 – West – Disability Actuary or Annuity Actuary

Northwest insurance company plans to hire a disability actuary or an annuity actuary. Director-level opportunity for an FSA.

87312 – West – Life Actuarial Analyst

Southwest life insurance company plans to hire a Life Actuarial Analyst. Requires 1-4 years of life actuarial experience. Exam support. Immediate need.

86700 – West – Disability Actuary / LTC Actuary

Pacific Northwest client plans to hire an FSA actuary. Must have disability actuarial or long term care actuarial experience. Immediate need. Must have pricing experience and SAS/R programming skills.

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